Empty Bowls 2012: fresh and fun!

Empty Bowls 2012: fresh and fun!
March 7, 2012 Betsy Stone

As always, Empty Bowls was long on creative expression, relaxed atmosphere and focus on community hunger. But this year, one thing was a lot shorter: the lines to enter the event and choose one of the amazing hand-crafted bowls out of hundreds on display.

The move to the Sacramento Convention Center, and the sponsorship of Classique Catering, gave Empty Bowls planners the opportunity to spice up the Monday evening supper event and arrange the room to create an easier flow.

Event co-chairs Beth Foondos and Betsy Myers are pouring over the comment cards to see what people thought about the new venue.


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Eileen and her team is busy totaling ticket sale and sponsorship revenues to see if the fundraiser made its goal of raising $125,000. Come back soon and see!

Check out the fun photos of the supper and luncheon events. We bet you’ll see someone you know!