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Sacramento is among thousands of cities celebrating the second annual Food Day on October 24 to highlight the movement for healthy, affordable

The easiest, greenest way yet to support River City Food Bank.

More types of people are hungry who were mostly self-sufficient until a few years ago -- people who never expected to turn to a food bank for help.

Harvest for Hunger Sponsorship Opportunities

Frustrated with the lack of media attention for people who face poverty and lack of access to healthy food, California State Senator

Syd’Quan has decided to use this football camp as an opportunity to spread his proverbial philanthropic wings and raise 1,000 cans of food for the food bank.

Can you help us meet the challenge of summer hunger by giving $50 or more?

When you make a purchase, buy a pound or two extra and donate it at the "Giving Fresh" table!

Join River City Food Bank In Planting Their Edible Landscape!

RCFB gives more than tuna!

  Sometimes life happens in spite of rather than because of what you do or don’t do.  We see that in our