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In conjunction with the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, River City Food Bank in Midtown is hosting a “Smashing of the Bowls” event to kickoff the activities leading up to the creation of the building’s interior and exterior mosaic murals.

Mark your calendars for Empty Bowls 2017! Happening March 13th and 14th at the Sacramento Convention Center. Join over 1,400 community members

River City Food Bank Hosts Bigger Empty Bowls Fundraiser March 5-6 Venue Changed to More Spacious Convention Center SACRAMENTO, Calif; (February 29,

When River City Food Bank started its Empty Bowls fundraiser nine years ago, Cheryl Chamber, the event’s bowl coordinator, had to scramble a bit

This week, KCRA covered the Bowlathon featuring Christian Brothers students’ work: “Tyler Smith etched the words ‘enjoy your soup’ into a bowl

Students at Christian Brothers High School got up early Wednesday morning to create bowls for a good cause, and News10 was there

Nearly half the people in California live on the edge financially — just one set of bald tires, medical problem or job cutback

(Click here to go straight to the ticket-purchasing page for Empty Bowls 2012!) It’s hard to believe, but an estimated 2,000 people

Presented by:   Empty Bowls, to be held March 5 and 6, is River City Food Bank’s biggest fundraiser, and this year

River City Food Bank in Sacramento is back in business, better than ever.