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We all know how frustrating it is when a computer or mobile phone crashes. How long could you operate a business without phones? Or run your entire operation for weeks on just one laptop computer with a spotty Internet connection?

River City Food Bank's efficient and effective organization has long depended on volunteers. Never was that more true than in the aftermath of the devastating fire that destroyed our building.

Would River City Food Bank's holiday charitable giving drive come through as before? How would mission-critical commercial refrigeration be replaced? As the holiday came to a close, our hearts were filled with gratitude for Sacramento's generosity.

The long road to permitting the space so graciously offered by Sutter Medical Center Sacramento.... and a surprise finish to a wonderful day, thanks to Bank of America.

To resume distribution of three-day emergency food supplies after the fire, River City Food Bank set up shop outside on the street.

Until we lost Mac in the fire, we never realized how much our clients and volunteers had come to value the kitties as part of our program of compassionate relief... and our relief when Cheese returned.

As the adrenaline subsided, River City Food Bank was faced with hundreds of tasks to restore its operation after the fire on October 21, 2010.

It’s taken many months to have the time to go back through notes and unwind the tangle of events and activities that

California leaves billions of unused federal food-stamp dollars on the table each year. Meanwhile, the state’s red-tape labyrinth lets millions go hungry. One day last month, Monica Turner received a notice in the mail that tested her usually upbeat personality. Out of work since October and supporting two children, she was about to be evicted.

The Wednesday farmers market at Cesar Chavez Plaza in Sacramento is a haven for those in search of fresh, locally grown goods – and, as of last month, a place to do good as well.