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    How Well Can You Eat on $4.90? Take the Cal Fresh Food Challenge!

    Think you can get enough to eat on $4.90 a day? Now is your chance to find out! Take the…

  • Who’s Hungry Now? All Demographics Now Face Food Shortages

    More types of people are hungry who were mostly self-sufficient until a few years ago -- people who never expected…

  • Voices for the Vulnerable: Road to Resilience Bus Tour

    Frustrated with the lack of media attention for people who face poverty and lack of access to healthy food, California…

  • “Sweet Cherry-ty”: Giving Fresh at the Cesar Chavez Farmers’ Market

    When you make a purchase, buy a pound or two extra and donate it at the "Giving Fresh" table!

  • Empty Bowls 2017- Coming soon!

    Mark your calendars for Empty Bowls 2017! Happening March 13th and 14th at the Sacramento Convention Center. Join over 1,400…