Planned Giving

Planned gifts (also known as estate gifts) help protect River City Food Bank’s (RCFB) mission for the future. By including RCFB in your financial planning – or doing something as simple as naming RCFB as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy — you can provide a legacy that will bring food and hope to tens of thousands of families and remind others how important community and giving is to you.

Planned giving is a way for people to leave a legacy of support larger than what you might be able to give now. A planned gift may be set up to let you receive an income stream for life, while reducing capital gains or estate taxes. A conversation with your estate planning attorney or financial advisor can open up many possibilities for you to provide for your family and RCFB at the same time.

If you have already named RCFB in your will or trust, we would be honored to know about your planned gift. This would allow us to honor your intentions and motivate others to support our future as well.

Please contact Executive Director Amanda McCarthy by email or call 916-705-1096 for more information.

We would be honored to work with you to explore creative giving opportunities that meet your financial and estate planning needs, while allowing you to leave a legacy of critical support for the future of River City Food Bank.

Opportunities to Support Our Future


Charitable Gift Annuities (CGAs):

CGAs can be a great option to increase your retirement income, and provide a guaranteed return for the rest of your life. The remaining principal becomes your legacy gift to RCFB. CGA rates are generous and based on age.


Life Insurance:

It doesn’t take an attorney to name River City Food Bank as a full or partial beneficiary on a life insurance policy. On the form where you name your beneficiary, you simply write something like: River City Food Bank 1% (or any percentage your choose), family members (you name) 99%.


Wills & Living Trusts:

These are legal instruments that allow you to leave a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder of your estate as a bequest gift to River City Food Bank.


Charitable Remainder Trusts:

You might consider turning securities or real estate into an income stream that pays you now, and becomes a gift to River City Food Bank later. For example, you can place a house or rental property into a Charitable Remainder Trust. Once it’s sold, you’ll receive income every year, and at the end of your life, the remaining principal becomes your legacy gift to River City Food Bank.


Retirement Plans (IRA, 401(k), pension, etc.):

You can name RCFB as a beneficiary of your retirement plan. It’s a simple process, and a valuable bequest vehicle, affecting the tax rate paid.