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Our programs serve low-income families, children, seniors, individuals who are medically fragile, refugees/asylum-seekers, individuals experiencing homelessness, and the working poor and individuals with disabilities. RCFB serves all people experiencing food insecurity regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and background in Sacramento.

River City Food Bank welcomes all people experiencing hunger in Sacramento County, regardless of zip code or background. Our guests come from different cultures, religions, races, ethnicities and walks of life. No matter the circumstance, we provide healthy groceries and serve each guest with dignity and respect. The COVID-19 pandemic reminded us that hunger can happen to anyone and that many of our neighbors are just one emergency away from needing our services.

While we can’t always see hunger, we know it exists in our community. River City Food Bank provides a critical safety-net, welcoming and compassionately serving:

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This is an equal opportunity institution.