SN&R: “New Digs for Food Bank”

SN&R: “New Digs for Food Bank”
May 26, 2011 RCFB Admin

After a shaky permit process and objections from neighbors, the River City Food Bank, which was destroyed in an as-yet-to-be solved fire last October, will close escrow this week on a permanent home at 28th and R streets.

The RCFB had been operating out of a considerably small two-story house at N and 26th streets in Midtown, owned by the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. All food, along with computers, donated appliances and eight years of memories, was gone overnight in the fire.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in monetary and food donations have poured in, and even the Sacramento Metro Chamber has assisted with in-kind services. “All of us at RCFB are grateful for the community support,” says executive director Eileen Thomas. “[It] has enabled us to move from the tragedy of the fire into our own building. Having our own ‘home’ in the Midtown neighborhood will help us to better serve the growing need in our community for healthy, nutritious food.”

The new location is described as more spacious and accessible, allowing the food bank to serve more people with their signature “healthy and substantial food only,” three-day emergency meal packages and food-stamp outreach program. The future home is currently being renovated and, if all goes well, will be up and operating by the end of summer. (Alia Cruz)

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