Press Release – RCFB Starts Mosaic Masterpiece

Press Release – RCFB Starts Mosaic Masterpiece
March 30, 2012 RCFB Admin

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 30, 2011                                                                                                

The Smashing of the Bowls:
River City Food Bank Kick Starts Their Mosaic Murals Masterpiece with a Collective Bowl Smashing Event


In conjunction with the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, River City Food Bank in Midtown is hosting a “Smashing of the Bowls” event to kickoff the activities leading up to the creation of the building’s interior and exterior mosaic murals.  Volunteers from all over the region will join together to smash the leftover “Charlie Brown” bowls from last month’s Empty Bowls event to contribute to this public beautifying project.  The bowl fragments along with donated kitchen kitsch items will compose artist, Kerri Warren’s, mosaic magnum opus on the exterior of the building and will be used to decorate precast planters and some interior walls of the food bank.

The gathering will also consist of a special unveiling of Kerri Warren’s highly anticipated rendering of the exterior mosaic mural.


Friday, March 30, 2012-4pm-7pm


Volunteers will meet at River City Food Bank’s new location at 1800 28th Street in Sacramento.


The Smashing of the Bowls will bring together volunteers from all over the region to contribute to decorating River City Food Bank’s new facility.

People in the Sacramento region who cannot attend the bowl smashing event can contribute to the mural by simply donating small kitchen items (six inches or less), such as bottle caps, food canister lids, forks/spoons, kitchen-related toys, and other creative kitsch items. River City Food Bank, however, will not accept alcohol related entries.


This event is part of the larger public beautifying effort that supports the creation of art in public places to benefit the Midtown community as well as all families that rely on River City Food Bank for sustenance.

River City Food Bank is the only Sacramento-area food bank open every weekday to anyone experiencing hunger, from anywhere in Sacramento County. River City Food Bank offers nutritionally-balanced 3-day emergency food as well as shelter assistance and compassion.


For more information about River City Food Bank, please visit Media can contact Elise Crispen at 916-442-1394 (o) or 619-857-8212 (c).