Ways to Give

Make a Difference with Every Gift

At River City Food Bank, every donation makes a direct impact. With your generous gift, we can continue our mission to combat hunger, provide nutritious meals, and ensure that no one in our community goes to bed hungry. Join us in making a lasting difference—every dollar, every meal, every smile counts.

River City Food Bank combats community hunger and food insecurity. Your donation directly supports neighbors in need, providing nutritious meals and instilling hope. Together, we can ensure a community where no one goes hungry.


Ways to Give


Your monthly compassion and contributions provide a steady source of nourishment, ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry. It’s a powerful way to make a lasting impact, turning a one-time act of kindness into a sustained force for good. Joining as a monthly donor means becoming a reliable partner in the fight against hunger, demonstrating that generosity is not just a momentary gesture but a commitment to creating lasting change.


Donating to help feed your neighbors in need is a direct investment in the well-being of your community, fostering a sense of solidarity and shared responsibility. It creates a ripple effect of positive change, promoting a healthier and more resilient environment for everyone. By addressing basic needs like food security, you contribute to the foundation of a stronger and more tightly-knit community.


Donating in honor of someone is a profound way to celebrate their impact and legacy, transforming a simple gesture into a meaningful tribute. The joy derived from knowing your contribution honors a loved one amplifies the act of giving, turning it into a heartfelt connection between generosity and remembrance. It’s a truly amazing feeling, turning the act of giving into a lasting tribute that resonates with both the giver and the honored individual.

Do you have a garden and want to share with your neighbors?

We want your extra produce!

Help combat hunger in our community by donating food to River City Food Bank. Whether it’s non-perishable goods, fresh vegetables from your garden, or other nutritious items, your contributions directly uplift families facing food insecurity. Your generosity not only provides vital meals but also brings hope during challenging times. Every donation counts, and together, we can nourish our community.

Join us as a volunteer at River City Food Bank and directly impact lives by alleviating hunger in our community. By lending your hands, you’ll not only gain invaluable skills but also form deep connections with fellow volunteers and those we assist. Your effort shines as a beacon of hope, uplifting individuals and families facing food insecurity. Together, let’s forge a compassionate community where hunger is a thing of the past. Your commitment can make that difference.


Legacy giving at River City Food Bank ensures your values, passion and dedication to alleviating hunger extend beyond your lifetime. By including us in your estate plans, you offer lasting support while also accessing potential tax benefits for you and your loved ones. Imagine a future where your legacy gift continuously impacts our community, fostering pride and gratitude in generations to come.

Together, let’s craft lasting change and bring hope to those in need.


As a Community Partner, you are an essential collaborator in RCFB’s work to alleviate hunger. Through annual partnership, your company, business or organization will make a positive, sustainable impact in our community, as well as:

  • Connect with new audiences and market to potential customers
  • Build brand awareness and visibility
  • Enhance media coverage
  • Generate recognition for making a positive difference
  • Increase employee and stakeholder engagement, team-building and morale

Sponsor an event with River City Food Bank and spotlight your company’s dedication to community and social responsibility. By teaming up with us, you align with a trusted organization combatting hunger and uplifting vulnerable families. This partnership not only elevates your brand’s presence but showcases your genuine commitment to vital societal causes. Engage with a wide audience, including potential clients and community leaders, and jointly amplify our mission to nourish and empower. Let’s make a meaningful difference together!

To learn more about Sponsorship Opportunities contact Erika Fatula, Director of Development and Marketing: