Blog? Who me?

Blog? Who me?
September 23, 2009 Betsy Stone
Our energetic Board member, Jordan Blair, walked us through the new website design

Our energetic Board member, Jordan Blair, walked us through the new website design

If you’re seeing this blog post, then you may have discovered our freshly updated website, and noticed that River City Community Services is now River City Food Bank.

We’ve been quietly serving anyone in need in Sacramento County for more than 40 years.  As need has burgeoned over the past two years, we’ve decided it’s time to stop being so quiet about the needs of the hungry in Sacramento, and what we are doing to provide not just help, but hope.

Here are some of the changes we’ve made over the past year in how we’re spreading the word:

  • We dramatically increased the amount of information on our website about who’s hungry, and why.  While many people think “homeless” when they think of food assistance, in fact many of those who need a little help getting by are working.  We also serve increasing numbers of children and seniors.
  • We launched a popular e-newsletter with profiles of the people we’re helping and up-to-date information about our needs – including our wish list for donated foods.
  • We started a Facebook Fan page.
  • We changed our name to more clearly reflect our main focus.
  • We updated our logo and materials, thanks to a capability development grant from Sutter Medical Center to work with 3Fold Communications.

And now – ta da!  We’re tip-toeing into the world of blogging.  We’ll use this space to share quick squibs about the people who are coming to us in need, and some of the amazing volunteers and donors who are making it possible for us to help each and every person who comes to us – without turning anyone away.

What would you like us to talk about?  What do you want to know about who’s hungry in Sacramento?

— Eileen Thomas

(P.S.  we’re still working the bugs out… Betsy Stone, who blogs as “philanthrophile”, helped me set up this page and she posted this on my behalf until I get set up tomorrow!)