Thankful, Grateful and Blessed

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed
March 26, 2014 River City Food Bank

The bowl dust has slowly settled and my staff and I are back to our regular job descriptions, more or less.  Empty Bowls 2014 is a sweet, fond memory filled with generous sponsors, delicious soups,  an awesome supply of beautiful bowls, incredible guests and a giving volunteer army.

What makes Empty Bowls so successful?  I think it is the very nature of the event. It’s the discovery of the perfect bowl that squeezes your heart; it’s the simplicity of soup that nourishes and replenishes; it’s the camaraderie of sharing an unpretentious meal with old and new friends; and as our awesome emcee, Nicole Rogers, Project Manager, Farm to Fork shared in her remarks, it is “knowing that every ounce of support we all provide – both in our time, and in our donations – makes a direct and meaningful change in the life of your neighbor, the face you pass on your walk to the office, or a family in your child’s school.  You are making an impact in someone’s life.”

Thank you to all who attended, volunteered and sponsored this year’s event. We couldn’t have pulled off such a successful event without you! We exceeded our goal of $125,000 and that is all thanks to you. We hope you are blessed in this next year!